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How's my Flying(Driving)?

Cou acting funny to you? Maybe he's a little too cocky? Or maybe he's having one of those days where he's acting strangely mature? Whatever the problem, if you think he's not quite acting the way he should, lemme know here. All comments are screened so fire away. Flames will be disregarded.


Re-No XX : Different Directions

Attention Roleplayers!

Cou's hair wishes to inform you that this journal is being recycled!

Posts prior to this mark will be ms_elegante(The Captain is a great man) related.

New game is currently undecided, but if you get weird posts from an air pirate, it's not his fault now. So if you don't want that, please de-friend post-haste.

Also, Coud Van Giruet will remain active in thegoldenshore.

Because the mun is lazy as hell, instead of de-friending the Elegante people, he's just put them on a custom friends filter... cause he's crazy like that.

That is all.

Re-No 14: [ Unrehersed Act ] - Comment Log

[Should anyone be wandering up on the top deck, they might find a rather tired-looking pirate slumped against the wall near one of the elevators. Though he looks pretty tired, he seems to be taking stock of the contents of a backpack he must have acquired during one of his trips to the luggage deck.

After a little bit of rummaging, he withdraws his communicator and hastily begins skimming over the contents of everything that's been publicly posted. It seems quite a bit happened in a short span and his expression is just a cocktail of confusion and unease.]

Geeze... just what the hell happened when they went in there?

[Yup. He actually swore... if you could call it that.]
{OOC: This sets the mood. }

Alright guys, I've been really bored lately and I don't know why it took so long to think of this one, but I got this great idea. One of the girls is having a sleep-over-thing.

I wanna suggest we steal their panties. I'm trying to figure out if we should just try raiding their quarters or if we should play with fire and steal them from their bags while they're distracted. But I think this would be awesome.

Anyone else feel like being a daredevil?
[Haven't seen Cou for a little bit? There's been good reason for it. Rather than wandering the halls as aimlessly as he normally does, he's been in the gym with a bunch of improvised obstacles practicing. Practicing what you might ask? Glad you asked.

Figuring that the weapons and weirdness abounding is hinting at something really bad coming, he's decided that he should practice the one skill his time on the failboat has had the expected habit of honing to a fine art: running.

Usually it's a talent used to get him out of harm's way, but his recent frustration with his inability to help the few he considers his friends during the last few incidents has put the pirate's imagination hard at work. And now he figures he could use this talent to get close to something threatening and if he's quick, stomp it flat before it can cause a problem.

But especially after playing a few of those games in the arcade, he's adding some extra twists to the usual leg-work. He's working on his balance as he adds things like a couple-steps worth of sprinting on the wall, tumbling over or under obstacles and even some work swinging from some of the gymnastics equipment.

Of course, his stamina isn't flawless and he's bruised up a fair deal from the greater number of failures than successes. Ever the optimist though, he continues this, spending a good chunk of his free time working at this. He's currently tired and tuckered out at the moment, taking a breather after his latest slip-up of missing the bar he was leaping for and tumbling a good ten feet across the crash mat.

Feel free to bother him. Especially if you know him. Goes double if you haven't talk to him for awhile and triple if you don't know him.]

Re-No 11: [ Up Your Arsenal ] - Commentlog

[Up on the top deck near the rear of the ship, it seems that someone's been something of a busy body. There's a good-sized gym-bag on a hastily improvised table with a number of guns from one of the arsenal racks spread out on it. Off near the rear of the ship where hopefully, any stray shots won't hit anyone are a number of crudely-improvised targets.

And filling the air with the sound of repeated pistol taps is the resident sky pirate, trying to get a feel for how to aim properly. He seems to be using a modest-caliber revolver, but it looks like he figured out how to load and fire one of the 9mm pistols. However, that particular handgun is sitting off to the side and his attention seems most occupied by the somewhat simpler designed weapon.

Anyone wanna bug him or show him how it's done?]

Re-No 10: [ Dumbfounded ] - Audio

So... I'm looking around and I see a lot of people are pretty happy to be armed again.

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy that my hook's got an edge on it again, but what's everyone planning to do now? Maybe I'm just lookin' at things the wrong way, but it almost sounds like more than a few people have some plans now.
[Cou wakes up with something of a start. He's naked aside from his communicator and after backing himself against a wall and trying to cover his (Needlessly censored with random yelling of "Gigantic Tager!") with his hand, he's flushing a generally brilliant shade of crimson.

Part of him doesn't want to call attention to himself at this point, lest anyone he knows sees him in this embarrassing little fix. But the part of him that wants to get SOME kind of clothing on finally overwhelms that part as he yells out.]